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A range of custom made cradles to hold your locomotives securely upside down during maintenance.

Size 1 - For N gauge
Size 2 - For OO gauge
Size 3 - For O Gauge

Size 2 available now, sizes 1 and 3 coming soon.
Study the pictures to get an idea of their usefulness.
Colours may vary, as available at time of order.

For Gluing Plastic

The perfect stand for holding panels from your plastic kit while gluing and working on them.
Clamps allow you to hold the corners accurately.
A hole below lets the drips from your liquid glue through.
A range of holes are incorporated to allow you to set it up to suit your requirements.

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Style 2 Stand Complete

For Gluing Plastic

Fully adjustable for any size engine, with padding on the sides and base to protect it.
Insert it upside down while you work on it.
Comes supplied with 3 sizes of supporting posts.

The main kit consists of 2 bases plus 3 sets of posts, sizes 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.
Additional bases and posts are also available separately
This enables you to create a holding cradle as long as you want.
From a short 0-4-0 to the massive Bayer-Garrett, anything can be held for maintenance.
One of those useful products you can’t manage without once you’ve tried it. (Loco not included)

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Main kit consists of
2 bases, 3 sets of posts and hardware. Only £30.00

The pictures below show 2 kits joined together for longer locomotives

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Additional Single Base with connecting bars. £12.00

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Additional pair of 30mm posts with hardware. £5.00

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Additional pair of 40mm posts with hardware. £6.00

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Additional pair of 50mm posts with hardware. £7.00