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Our Coach Ends Gangways make a great finish to your carriages.

Supplied ready made or in kit form for you to assemble yourself in a few minutes.
Fitting instructions on assembly is via a web link in the package.
Various styles as detailed below are available to suit commercial or scratch built carriages.

The "Open Style" stay apart from each other on the coach ends.
The "Closed Style" automatically couple up to each other when the coaches are shunted together.

Each pack consists of 2 ends, enough for 1 coach.
Current prices are:
Open Kit £4.00
Open Ready Made £6.00
Closed Kit £5.00
Closed Ready Made £7.00
We can also make any alternatives to your specifications, just ask.

Click on any picture for a better view

GWR Great Western Railway

A style suitable for Great Western GWR Coaches
Supplied in packs of 2 ends.

Lima Brand

Style to suit Lima Branded Coaches
2 ends per pack.

LNER Style

This style suitable for LNER coaches.

LMS Style

Use this style on your LMS Coaches

D & S Branded Style

This style is for D & S Branded Coaches. The ends are around 19mm wide.

British Rail Mk 1 (BR)

Suitable for British Rail Mk 1 Style Coaches.

Hornby Style

Designed to suit the Hornby Pullman style O Gauge Coaches.

Kit Construction
BR Mk 1 D & S GWR Hornby Lima LMS LNER