One end consists of 2 pre-cut shapes, 2 end boards and 2 cords
(the cord may be supplied as one length per pack for you to cut into 4 equal pieces)

Select one of the pre-cut sections

Fold in half, creating a sharp crease down the fold

Fold one side back upon itself

Turn over

Fold the other side as shown

Open it out

Do the same for the other section


Start by putting them as shown with the cuts facing each other

Carefully push them together

Fully as shown

Close them up, creasing the edges if needed

One end section completed

Side view

Put a couple of small blue tak spots on the bench about 3cm apart

Select one of the pre-cut end boards and hold it in place on the deck
with the blue tak
If necessary finish the edges with black felt tip or paint etc

Remove the backing to the double sided tape

Lay the 2 pieces of string across in the position shown

Stick down a couple of 5mm rods as shown

Anything will do, we use a couple of old steel bars around 6cm long

Stick the prepared centre down onto the double sided tape as shown

Move the top left string across and stick it down with tape on the other side

Do the same with the bottom right string

Now the top right

And finally the bottom left

Taking the 2nd end piece, remove the tape and stick it down onto the top as shown

Carefully cut off the surplus ends of the string

Remove all the scrap and selotape, slide out the rods

Job Done

Touch up any edges which are not black with a felt tip pen, indian ink or paint as available/required

If you’re making the closed type, just peel and stick the magnetic shapes on to each end,

They are a matched pair with shiny side out.

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