A range of custom made holding stands to assist with your modelling.

Style 1 - For holding brass parts while soldering
Style 2 - For holding plastic parts while gluing

Other styles under development
Accessories also available.

This style is designed to hold material which gets hot.
It securely holds your brass or nickel silver plates in position for soldering.

Includes some special heat resistant silicone material to prevent getting your metal scratched. (Silicone colour may vary)

Comes with a variety of holes for you to set it up to suit your requirements.

Study the pictures to get an idea of how it works.

A version is also available for O gauge plastic kit builders, see alternative listing for details.

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Style 1 Stand Complete

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Pack of spare
Silicone Material £2.99

The perfect stand for holding panels from your plastic kit while gluing and working on them.
Clamps allow you to hold the corners accurately.
A hole below lets the drips from your liquid glue through.
A range of holes are incorporated to allow you to set it up to suit your requirements.

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Style 2 Stand Complete

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