Our custom made Rolling Roads for O gauge are back. (after a long break).
They come in 2 versions now, short and long.
The short version is for locomotives such as 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 up to 10 inches long.
The long version is for long diesels or steam locomotives and tenders.
Both types can be extended to make them as long a you want.
Join your double headed Beyer Garrett's for running in!
Extra sets of bearings, joiners, leads etc are available separately if needed.

3 Rail version for coarse scale under development.

The long version is suitable for locomotives with tenders such as the Flying Scotsman.

Overall length 19 inches, working length for bearing blocks around 17 inches.

Comes with 3 sets of bearings and 2 set of static holders.

Just slide the bearings along in to position under your wheels.

They can be moved and swapped around to suit.

clip the supplied leads from the end to any power such as your track and off you go.

A great item for running in or displaying your latest construction on the move, going nowhere!

Mailed well packed by insured delivery, you will need to sign for it upon receipt

Loco/ruler/track shown in pictures not for sale.

The photo's don't do it justice, difficult to take a picture of a long narrow object.

No suitable engine for display was available when the photos were taken.

The short version is around 12 inches long and suitable for 0-4-0’s and 0-6-0’s

The short version is suitable for 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 locomotives up to 10 inches long.
Comes with 2 sets of bearings and 1 set of statics.
Can be expanded with additional roads if you wish.

An additional or spare pair of bearing blocks for the rolling roads listed above.

Comes as a pair of 2 blocks for you to your road should you need to.

An additional pair off static holders for either of the long or short rolling roads listed above.

Pack of 2 as shown in the pictures. Colours may vary.

A kit to allow you to connect 2 rolling roads together.

You can make them as long as you want with these.

A spare pair of power leads for either of the rolling roads listed elsewhere.

Used to couple the leads to your own suitable power source.

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Long Rolling Road
#740 - Price £75.00

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Short Rolling Road
#730 - Price £50.00

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Additional Bearings
#731 - Price £15.00

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Static Holding Pair
#732 - Price £8.00

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Connecting Kit
#733 - Price £3.00

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Additional Power Leads
#734 - Price £3.50